Variety Is The Spice Of Life: Why It’s Ok To Be You

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As I sit in Costa Coffee between King’s Cross and St. Pancras train stations after yet another course I see the world walk by. Literally! There are people from a dozen or more cultures and just about every body shape you can imagine. Looking at these people makes me wonder why, as women, we are so caught up in being perfect? Why do we obsess about being a perfect weight and shape when it is so blatantly obvious that there is no such thing.

Why is it that when we look at celebrity photos in magazines we judge ourselves against their airbrushed images and find ourselves wanting. We berate our fat thighs and our less than perfect abdominals. We squirm as we compare their thin thighs to our fat thighs and the creeping of inadequacy takes hold.

Champion business man standing with fists clenched in victory.

But what are the options? The choices seem fairly obvious: Barbie-style slim hips with impossibly big boobs a la Jordan aka Katie Price or pencil-thin and flat-chested a la Kate Moss.

We look at ourselves and rubbish our bodies, ‘my thighs are too fat!’, ‘My breasts are too small, too big, not perky enough, not the right shape etc. etc.’ Some of us even go the extremes of having bits of us chopped off or filled with artificial, man-made body parts or liquids. Some of us live for the day when we will be perfect and this is the real tragedy!

Living for a future that might never come whilst living in a present in which we are never quite good enough.

I think that it is time we all stopped living for a better future or pining for a happier, slimmer, fitter past and live for now, today and in the moment.

The next time you are out and about take a look at all the amazing people that surround you. I can guarantee that none of them will be perfect. It’s time that we started to appreciate what we are, warts and all, and live a life of self-love so that we don’t look back at old photos in ten years time and think, ‘I looked great then! Why didn’t I know that?’

Reducing this tension can set you free from the problems that you have with food that cause you to be overweight in the first place.

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Quick Tip

Check yourself out and think about all the wonderful things that your body does for you. It is incredible and you are amazing! Love your body and you can begin to free yourself from the constant negative feelings that you have about yourself.